Position for Postdoctoral Researcher at Synple Chem / ETH

Job description

Synple Chem was founded in September 2016 with the goal of changing the way chemical synthesis is done. We have developed an innovative, compact, cartridge-based machine that performs key organic reactions at the touch of a button, and thus makes it faster, safer, cheaper and more efficient.

We are currently looking for an addition to the team in cooperation with the Bode group at ETH Zurich to develop more chemistry applications for our synthesis machine.


  • Develop new reaction classes with Synple Chem platform and technology.
  • Independently design and execute experiments, interpret results and troubleshoot problems.
  • Collaboratively plan, prioritize work with other projects.
  • Share and integrate experience, knowledge and ideas to advance the technology.
  • Use chemistry-related IT applications and databases for documentation and analysis (electronic lab journal, ChemOffice, SciFinder/Reaxys and etc.).



  • Recent PhD in organic chemistry with expertise in preparative organic chemistry and modern synthetic methods.
  • Proven track record of problem solving and new advancement in organic chemistry.
  • Strong motivation and efficient execution for testing new hypothesis and identifying new solutions.
  • Good knowledge and hands-on experiences of modern analytical instruments.
  • Excellent communication, documentation and organizational skills.
  • Ability to work together and integrate into the team.


Additional information:

  • This position is an 18-month fixed term contract with a competitive salary on offer. A possibility for a permanent position in Synple Chem exists. Applications will be continuously reviewed till the position is settled. The starting date is prefferably from between April to June or be decided upon mutual agreement.


Please send your CV to info@synplechem.com

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