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Who is Synple Chem?

Snyple Chem was founded in 2016 as a Spin-off from ETH Zürich. Our mission is to provide easy to use, safe, efficiency-enhancing solutions that represent the future of organic synthesis. 

How many products are on the market?

Now, alongside the Synple 1 and 2, we have our latest addition - the Synple Unity, a flexible parallel synthesiser.

Can I put my own materials in the cartridges?

No, the cartridges come ready filled with all the reagents and materials required for the reaction, work-up and purification. We can, however, provide custom cartridges for users under certain circumstances.

What solvents are compatible with the machine?

The machine itself is tolerant of almost all solvents. The limitation are only related to what is tolerated in terms of the chemistry by each reaction class. More information can be found in our application notes.

How does the machine handle poorly soluble starting materials?

In many cases, co-solvents can be added to help solubiulise poorly soluble starting materials. 

How are lower reacting starting materials handled?

We provide a scope for each reaction that indicates what is fast reacting and slow reacting. For slower reacting materials we recommend increasing the default reaction time. 

Can I run more than one reaction at the same time?

With the Synple 1 and Synple 2, only one reaction can be run at a time. The Synple Unity system allows you to build a parallel synthesis system to suit your own needs.

How much maintenance is required?

The machine requires very little maintenance and most of the components, e.g. the lines, connections, vial, are all standard. We are also able to offer service and maintenance contracts.

Do you have products on the market?

Yes! Our Synple 1 machines have been installed with customers since May 2018 and our new Synple 2s have been in use since October 2019.

In which countries is Synple available?

At the moment we sell directly across Europe and the UK. We can also sell direct in the US or alternatively use a distributor. In addition, we are in discussions with several distributors across Asia.

What is the lead time for the machine and cartridges?

The average lead time for the machine is four weeks. Cartridges can be delivered within the week.

Can my starting material be dissolved in a broad range of solvents?

This depends on the reaction class and what is tolerated by each particular reaction. In many cases co-solvents can be used to help solubilise the starting material.

Does the machine allow for reaction monitoring?

Each method has been pre-optimised to give the best yield and purity across a broad substrate scope. If optimisation is required then we would recommend skipping the purification step and checking the product at the end of the run. If it has not gone to completion, the reaction can be run again.

Can the machine be connected to analytical or purification systems?

This is something we are actively exploring.

How long does a run take?

This is dependant on the reaction class. Each run time includes the reaction, work-up and purification time.
A detailed overview can be found in the ressource section.