Fully Automated, Capsule-based Synthesis

Synple Chem provides new automated synthesizers using revolutionary reagent capsules to make the synthesis of molecules faster and more efficient.

Using this technology researchers in chemistry will be able to advance their programs in a fraction of the time.

Available for order now!
Our first publication about the technology is now available as Pre-Print on ChemRxiv
Productivity enhancing 
offers the potential to increase the productivity of every synthetic chemist, whatever level of skill and experience.
Get the most from your skill base
by automating routine chemical steps or synthetic sequences that are typically resource intensive, the automated synthesiser.
Improve efficiency
free up chemists to carry out other activities, reduce resource inefficiency, and reduce costs!
Minimise chemical exposure
all chemicals and solvents, except starting materials and final products, are contained within the capsule and machine.

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