NEW - Synple 4.0 Discovery Platform - Hits On-Demand

Connecting digital chemical space with real tractable molecules

Customizable libraries with only Synple-accessible chemical space

Synple 4.0 - Solving the tractability challenge

Screening of virtual libraries offers the potential to rapidly explore vast regions of chemical space. However, the accelerating impact of this in silico approach on discovery cycles is tempered by the disconnect between virtual hit identification and the preparation of physical samples of molecules for hit validation. The assessment of whether a virtual hit can actually be made is resource intensive and represents a significant bottleneck.

Rapid access to unique chemical space

Synple 4.0 bridges the gap between virtual compound libraries and hit synthesis. Offering vast, novel and diverse chemical libraries, which are entirely accessible using Synple’s automated cartridge-based synthesis technologies, the platform enables user to create and explore their own unique chemical space, safe in the knowledge that any hits identified can be easily prepared, either by requesting the synthesis from Synple or by preparing them on their own in-house Synple systems.

1. Mine tractable space to escape synthesis pain

Synple 4.0 can automatically enumerate virtual libraries based on commercial building blocks und proprietary building blocks using up to three synthetic steps. Our machine-learning process excludes all non-tractable compounds leaving only accessible structures. The inclusion of proprietary building blocks enables the expansion of the unique chemical space with structures only available to that user.
Refine the properties of your library by defining the parameters, such as MW, building block costs and delivery speed.

Save time and focus efforts on molecules you know can be made

2. Explore and create novel virtual space

Once the library enumeration is complete, download the dataset and proceed with your virtual screening.

Alternatively, download one of our diversity libraries as a starting point for screening. 
Synple can follow up on initial hits from this diversity set by enumerating an additional focused library with properties ideal for the selected target.

Benefit from new diversity offered by Synple accessible libraries or create your own bespoke Synple library


3. Rapid, predictable, automated synthesis

Did you find multiple hits from screening our library?! Submit the compounds for synthesis at Synple's synthesis farm. The building blocks will be ordered instantly and synthesis can begin on the fully automated platform immediately after building block delivery.

Order molecules directly from Synple Chem.

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