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Watch our recent Chemistry World Webinar on the Synple 2

Together with Sigma-Aldrich we recently ran a chemistry world webinar about the the Synple 2 platform including some interesting insights on how the participants are currently using chemistry automation. The recording is available here:

Synple Chem & SYNTHIA


Many tools are available to synthetic chemists nowadays that can significantly accelerate chemical synthesis. Often, chemists have to try several tools to find the best combinations that can actually deliver time-saving benefits and that work for them.

Synple and SYNTHIA have engaged in a collaboration to connect both platforms and offer a seamless integration of route design and automated synthesis.

Read the full story below to find out how:

  • to get the most out of our Synple system.

  • to accelerate the whole synthesis process from route design to synthesized molecule.

  • how this integration was able to accelerate the synthesis of real compounds.

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