New Synple Unity - Automated parallel library synthesis

We developed a system to connect several Synple 2 machines together that can be then controlled from a central terminal. Several compounds can now be made with only a few minutes working time in the same easy way as a standalone Synple 2 machine. The system is still very flexible and the machines can also still be used indepently if required. If you need more throughput, just add a few more Synple 2 machines to the setup or remove them if they are needed somewhere else. 
  • Generate a small library of compounds in just 24 hours, without the need for method optimisation, or a larger library within a few days.
  • Machines are controlled through a central terminal.
  • The system can be simply expanded later as required by adding more Synple devices.
  • Synple units can be fed over central solvent storage.
  • Reliable and robust system: Failure of one machine will not bring down the whole system.