sp3-rich library available from Synple for your screening

Rapid re-synthesis of virtual library hits with Synple


sp3-rich, N-heterocycle-based Virtual Library

Screening of virtual libraries offers a time- and cost-efficient method of prioritizing a selection of unique molecules for further in vitro evaluation. The number of possible molecules that can be incorporated into virtual libraries is huge but some of the challenges of utilizing such libraries include the computational power needed to screen such numbers, and also the synthesis of any subsequent “hits” identified. As such there is a drive towards more focused virtual libraries and also a desire to have libraries of readily synthesizable virtual compounds.

As such, we have prepared a saturated N-heterocycle focused virtual library of around one million sp3-rich compounds! All analogues can be rapidly synthesized using a combination of Synple’s N-heterocycle forming- and reductive amination-cartridges, in combination with Synple’s automated synthesizer.

Our library is free to screen. Any hits can be remade for biological screening using Synple’s technology, either in-house for our existing customers or as a custom synthesis request. Please get in touch for more details on the virtual library and hit synthesis.

Over 1 million compounds

  • hits re-synthesised by an initial iSnAP reaction and subsquent reductive amination
  • Synple cartridges and methods available for all reactions

All hits re-synthesisable using Synple Chem technology